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    2000 1200XLT Engine will do nothing. No display...Help!

    Bought the ski a month or so ago..everything fine...34 hours bone stock. Took it out a couple issues.

    Today I go to fire the engine and nothing START on the engine beeping...nothing. Tried to jump it..nothing. Took the battery to test...tested fine. Checked connectors under the hood and the 2 fuses....all ok.

    Not sure what else to do....if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.



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    please help....

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    Sometimes the wire will corrode inside the insulation... probably need a manual... maybe the lanyard stop switch went bad..... jump across the starter relay and see if it kicks over....

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    maybe the lanyard stop switch went bad - good idea

    jump across the starter relay and see if it kicks over - another good idea, this will tell you the starter motor etc is OK

    next does anything display on the gauges when you try and start it? (or immediately after you have tried to start it?) if no, then it could be a bad CDI

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    same thing is happening to me after i rebuilt the top end. theres nothing. no crank, no display, nothing. bump to the top

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    thanks for the reply guys...

    phillip....absolutely nothing happens with the lanyard it this's like there is not battery in the ski...but there is a battery and it checks out ok (12.58v)

    I'll try some of the suggestions....thanks guys!

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    Just an idea,when you used it last did you flush it out afterwards before you put it away and did you do it with the engine running?do you store it with the seat and off?that condensation builds up pretty quick inside the hull.

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    Take the spark plus out and spin the engine over using the rear PTO coupler if it spins over try it with the starter motor with the plugs out this will tell you if the engine has a problem or if its locked up for some reason if you dont get the engine to spin then check the pump its possible that you have some ting in the jet pump you never know a rat or someting else could have built a home with 2x4's or something LOL.

    At least you will know before you break something.

    Good luck

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    OK so no power what so ever. If you can bump the starter at the terms then cdi is the problem. Use a test light or meter and check power at the starter. Also when you check if you have 12 volts at starter try checking placing the ground prod on the motor insted of the battery. I have seen people check there bat at the bat and its good but then if check at the motor its no go. This would indacate a bad main hot or ground wire.

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