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    rhino lining the hull??

    i was talking with some guys that said rhino lining the hull will help protect the hull when beaching in sand and gravel. seems like a sound idea, but what about drag?? these guys claim that the rough surface actually makes the ski faster by creating little air bubbles and breaking the surface tension of the water on the hull. kinda like the America's Cup sail boat hulls with the micro fish scale texture. anyone tried this or know first hand how it works??

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    You First!

    and....let us know?

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    ask Icerat about the rhino lining as he used in this year. No problem beaching the ski with rhino liner. I think he only put it on he front of the hull near the center line and when he is at speed the rhino lined area is not in the water.

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    Heavy stuff....pick up a can and feel the weight....but, if you have a slow ski it dont matter anyway

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