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    ign. timing question

    I bought a 1993 SL 750 with the eng. in boxes. I've assembled the eng. and have it installed in the ski with new rings and pistons. Due to the cold weather I haven't put it in the water yet. It seems to run great with out a load. The mag. had no hash marks on it so I guessed and set it right between retared and advanced. Like I said it starts right up and seems to idel OK, do I need to TRY to get a timing light in that tight spot or go with it as it is? I guess my real question is will it effect preformance that much if I'm a little off?

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    i think it would run like a dog if your timeing is retarded , but if your running to advanced it will blow up

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    I would think you should be OK if set between the 2.

    What I'd do is look for the marks on the stator plate from the screws when set by the factory. Then try and get to them line up exactly.

    Compare your setting to the original if you can.

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