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    Fast boat with super hook-up..

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    I wonder if he wants a pieces of me?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by lars k View Post

    That was 25 min from me

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    That's a very good run that little green fast boat with those bad ass turns.

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    How does the driver know where to turn or what path to take?

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    The turns have numbers... they Revieve a map which has the track and then the order to run it so 2,3,6,8,10,4,5,6 and so on....they also have a navigator who holds out there hand and moves fingers left or right for the turn....Crazy though Specialy at night..the water from the jetboats covers the islands making the channel very hard to see...When I ran my ski I GPS'ed top speed of 63mph the Jetboat top speed was 60mph..My three seater couldn't turn corners like that though its insane...

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