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    260 Timing advance

    Is anyone doing the Timing Mod on the (09)260. Like what was done on the 250's ?

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    its allready advanced from the factory, 4 degrees.

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    Cool I wouldn't mess with it...

    I think it would be best to leave well enough alone with the 260X timing since it is already advanced 4* from the 250X timing. The mod never was all that precise and trying to advance it exactly 2* would require quite a lot of precision if you don't want to mess anything up...

    Disclaimer: I have never done the timing mod on any ski (and am not exactly an expert on this subject) so don't put too much weight into my opinion. I can only speculate based off of what I have read.

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    +1, plus the timing has been added in the ecu so you don't know where it might be added, down low or up top. stay safe unless your racing with a nice budget.

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