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    X's Piranha Parts Through Hull Exhaust

    For Sale The Exhaust + the Hull tip...this has about 80hrs of use or its been on for about a year ....apart from the Tip going brown from the Anodizing wearing off + the carbon in the pipe and a mark were the Black IC hose use to rub on it, it's in good nick...And if you drill the hole in the write place you can keep your to increase throttle response and RPM..but its an insignificant change...going twin pipes so don't need it anymore...This was on a RXT-X if installing on a P you MAY need to cut it a little shorter but being that its silicone pipe its pretty flexable..

    There is no seal for the tip It had one but I never used it, I used sicaflex to seal the tip into place..Never Ever Leaked...I was advised to use the silicone due to the seals leaking when Tightened....

    Also It came with a template which I used... then the hole was in the wrong place ... so I had to remove OPAS as the Bar was hitting the pipe when the steering was turned obviously the template is not included because if you wanna keep your opas then it would be no good to you even if it wasn't in the bin..It will take some carefull messuring but it will go on with OPAS in place...

    $US90 + Postage

    Does not come with any block offs...

    This was the Original post way back when....

    some pics and video



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    ttt and sorry this will only fit X models

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    one more time..TTT

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    When you use this what do you do to the stock exit. Plug it or something?

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    yeah you get a block off for the stock exit

    not sure if jerry has the block off in his store

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