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    Oil Injection

    I am wondering can you increase the amount of oil the oil injection pump puts out. I see so many low time boats that have bad pistons and what not. I know I have had two boats that the oil line to the back carb has shunk up and came off.
    I don't know if I should go all the way and pull the pump and premix or increase the oil at the pump?

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    Go with Pre Mix ... The End !!!

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    I don't think that increasing the oil that comes from the pump would matter if the line comes off. If the lines are secured properly then the system should work fine as is. I use safety wire on the hose to barb fitting connections and zip ties on in line connections.

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    While I agree that premix may be a safety shield, the oil injection systems don't appear to problematic other than the lines shrinking and retracting. I just spoke with a guy at Riva and he laughed and said "From the 100 people that complain about the issue, there are 10,000 satisfied folks who haven't had the issue if proper maintenance is in place". Thsi is why I am choosing to update my oil injection system versus premix. Who in the hell wants to keep and deal with premixed fuel. It's hard enough with my chainsaws and trimmers. I dont need 2 dependant skis to boot.

    Being that we are a "what if" society, I think we are too programmed from the few who have the issue at hand, whatever it may be.

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    I own two Yamaha XLT 1200's. Bought one with two burnt cylinders due to oil lines coming off. Found out this past weekend that the guy who sold me the other XLT had replaced one of the cylinders because the oil line fell off. It can't be that rare. The question is, do you go to "pre-mix .. the end," or install new lines and stainless steel clamps and hope the pump don't fail? I chose the latter, as I would rather have the oil supply regulated. My trust is in the pump.

    It's all personal perference, but at least the problem is recognized if anyone pays any attention to the forums.


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    Its very rare that the pumps themselves fail. Its always the lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by n888tx View Post
    I am wondering can you increase the amount of oil the oil injection pump puts out?
    I believe you can, by adjusting the cable...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    How do you remove those stainless steal clamps from the oil lines. I intend to replace the lines from the check valves up. The ends of my hose are a bit hard but the rest of the hose seems to be okay. I don't think there is enough slack to simply cut some of the hose off.

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    the stainless bands are coiled... you just take a screwdriver and slide them up the oil line to remove, and just slide them off the ends

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    the stainless bands are coiled... you just take a screwdriver and slide them up the oil line to remove, and just slide them off the ends
    Figured it out. They are just pieces of cylindrical sprung steal. You just need to open them up (spread them) and slide.
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