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    Catch Can Design Feedback

    Hey everyone, I know many of you already have a catch can, whether it's DYI, Riva, or another brand. However, there will be many in the future that will need one too. I have seen people report dislikings and issues on the current offering. For this reason I'd like feedback from the consumers in order to help along one of my new projects. What better place to come for this than!

    The new catch can will be constructed of aluminum. It will have the standard mesh breather filter as well. I suppose the main point I am interested in hearing about is desired mounting location. Keep in mind size constraints due to closed in areas of the hull.

    If anyone has a custom mounting bracket that they feel others would like to use if it was offered, feel free to share. Ease of install and access are important with this part.

    My main goal is to offer a high quality product, while reducing prices at the same time. Sounds counterintuitive, but I'm 100% certain I can do this.

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    I know this sounds shade tree but I put a "choreboy" (actually 2 of them)in my DYI catch cans I do this too keep the oil from comming out the breather under big boost. It acts as a type of baffel. I also use a bigger breather than I have seen on most catch cans. I use a breather for a BB chevy valve cover.

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    The one on my RXP was a real pain to install. I could barely get in there to turn the bolts and no way could I get my 3/8 torque wrench in to measure the torque.

    The one on my T-X did not run like I wanted, so I put in a 90 degree elbow from Lowe's to rout it better. It pinched off the line.

    The petcock is not easy to reach either, esp not a good place to drain on the TX. Sits right over some electronics.

    The last observation is that the nut is not snug after 40 hours or so on the new one I installed on my TX.

    Keep us posted!

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    how about a fitting that goes into the exhaust to help draw out the fumes under vacuum

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