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    RXT IS 255 Fault Code P0340????????

    What is Fault Code P0340 on a 2009 RXT is 255?

    I am asking for a friend and he says is came about when his son got a rope stuck in the impeller, when the son was trying to get it out in shallow water they flipped the ski on its side and the hull filled with water. This is when I showed up got the rope out and drained the hull cleaned the motor and the code on the dash is P0340, I cant find any info on this code. Thanks

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    I don't know the fault code but my iS had a fault code and after a few restarts it cleared the code. It had another fault code when I took it to the dealer after I sucked up a clam. That fault code was a fuel pump fault and it cleared by it's self while tech was looking at it on buds.

    Good Luck, ken

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