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    no nose-cone = tad bit of rust

    so just place a squirt of lube in after usage or put one of the nose cone's back on?

    I saw the posts about no nose cone equalling about .5mph but it seems like it would slow it down a tad when you look at it?

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    A bit of corrosion is no problem,as long it's a bit.
    I removed my nosecone when installing the 15/22r,my old prop with the nosecone also had a bit of rust,the nosecone doesn't stop the rust.
    No worries your fine.

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    I beleive saltwater riders should keep the nosecone and freshwater riders do not need it for a possible increase in top end. The freshwater rider that occassionally rides in saltwater should flush the ski in freshwater immediatly or rinse with garden hose through the intake grate.

    I have not had a nosecone for approx 1 year with many pump removals. I have sprayed the splines of the impeller with SPX (rust preventative) spray. --J

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    You could also pack it with some really good grease... merc teflon, johnson triple guard... etc....

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