These came off of the donor RXP for my conversion project.

Unfortunately, this ski was painted to look like a clown car. Some of the plastics are silver, some red. There is also blue overspray on the chrome pieces.

I was going to keep them and have a body shop paint them to do a color change on my rxp to something custom and paint the chrome pieces black- but if I can get a reasonable amount for them, I will sell them as a complete set. Its probably more important to get money back right now.

If you want to paint them and do a custom color for your rxp, there is enough here to do the complete color change:
Side plastics
Chrome pieces
Glove box
Top storage lid
Reverse lever handle
Rear grab bar.

Asking $300. I can get it all shipped via Greyhound for around $50

At this time, I will not split this stuff up and sell anything separately. If there isnt much interest, I will keep the stuff. Please do not lowball. If youre planning to paint, this will save you a ton of money and you can sell your old plastics for top dollar.

The paint work on everything except the hood is good. the silver pieces look great. the hood has orange peel and runs in it. The side chrome pieces are perfect. The top chrome piece has blue overpspray on it.