Ive got a 97 seadoo gsx and just got my gf 96 kawa 900 zxi, i have changed the spark plugs in the seadoo from br8es to br8eix iridiums and it give it a much better detonation and actually better response. Now i want to change the plugs in the 900 zxi, but i am unsure which plugs to put into it, i think it currently has the br8es plugs in it, and i read somewhere that a guy had those same plugs and changed to the same plugs i put in the seadoo, but i read in a manual that the 900 should have br9es/br9iex plugs, just want to find out if it is the 9 or the 8, and is there a better plug to use then the br8/9eix iridiums?