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    2009 Jet Ski Season....over?!

    Well, with temps not even reaching the 60's in the foreseeable future I think my season may be nearing an end. But I just wanted to say that it was the best jet skiing season I've had yet! I met some GREAT people from Green Hulk and went on some really cool rides. I think I put more hours on my ski this summer than in the 4 previous years combined! Before this year, I just rode my ski for 20 minutes, sat on the beach for an hour, rode the ski for 15 minutes, sat on the beach some get the idea. This year really increased my love of jet skiing (and consequently my need for speed!)

    Hope we can all hang out sometime in the "off season"! And can't wait to start riding again next year!!

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    I would love to find an off-season activity that wasn't called 'buy part on greenhulk and install them'

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    Ill start the off season gathering..

    We are having a Party on Oct 30th at my crib for all that would like to attend.

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    Hopefully we can get some of these chuckleheads to hang out on prospect beach next year

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    frost this morning

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    I read on facebook that Killington just got dumped on.

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    lol, my season was over a few weeks ago. As soon as the lake started getting cold and I couldn't stand the water anymore on the standup I was done. I don't have a wetsuit.

    I'll be snowboarding this winter for sure. A bunch of my buddy's just bought new gear too.

    I'll also be rebuilding the X2 this winter with help from my buddy and getting my new ski ready to go for next season.

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    Where in CT are you from? Where do you ride?

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    I live near newtown. I ride zoar, candlewood and now my buddys ride bantam, so next season I'll be up there.

    We would like to do more ocean riding, but there isn't really anywhere good to drop the ski's in the water that we know of. standups and X2's don't hold a whole lot of gas so riding a long distance to the ocean sux.

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    Youll have to launch somewhere like lighthouse park where you can ride right off the beach and then keep gascans in your trucks nearby.

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