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    Winterizing '92 650SL Question?

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how to winteriz my '92 polaris 650SL jet ski. I have never had to winteriz any watercraft before. Any suggestions would be great appreciated . Please let me know.

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    The 1992-1993 Polaris PWC are more difficult to winterize than later years.

    You have a water cooled crank case, which needs to be drained so the water doesn't freeze and crack the engine.

    Way down beside the engine on one side is a multiple connection water hose 'spider'. You must disconnect one or more of those hoses, and allow the water to drain out of the engine.

    Note that this design tends to trap sand in the engine lower section. If you see sand coming out when you drain it, make a note that you may need to further investigate flushing the sand out, either now, or in the spring.

    Do a search on the Polaris forums for more info regarding winterizing.

    Other than draining the crank case water jacket, you want to tilt the nose of the trailer up high to ensure the maximum water is drained from the engine, and the hull (take the drain plugs out).

    Use engine fogging oil to protect the engine internals, and briefly burp the throttle to rev the engine and push excess water out of the exhaust water box. Some water remaining inside the water box is not a problem.
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    a small change to the excellent advice above: even if you don't think you have any sand, check anyway. I very recently discovered my 93 650 was completely full of sand. I have no idea how the engine managed to NOT overheat and seize.

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    Thank you. I appreciate the information from everyone.

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