I changed my intake grate to a [email protected] and while I was ding that I thought I would seal my transom as well.
When putting it back together I switched the water intake pipes around.. When Putting the ski back in the water I saw that there was no pisser water but after taking the car of the ramp I forgot about that and I was to eager to see what the Gps figures where going to be and ran it like that until it stopped about 45 seconds later.the engine just cut out.
I towed it out and checked the compression original checks were 90/130/120/120 I changed the spark plugs and ran it on the hose for about ten minutes and checked it again, 140/140/140/140. I took it back to the water and it ran ok but it did not feel as crisp as it normally does. Any thing else I should check?
I found that I actually had more cavitation with the [email protected] intake grate, does that sound right? I have a [email protected] intake manifold sleeve with riva f/f exhaust and modified airbox and a stock prop.
Any advice?