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    1997 Polars SLTX 1050 ($900 OR BO)

    GH Gang, I was going to part this ski out a few weeks ago but after looking at the parts that people wanted vs condition of the ski I decided to keep it and sell it complete. The ski is in great condition (90HRS) Seat is perfect; Hood, Top deck and bottom have no scratches or cracks. I rode the ski with everything working on it. I did a compression check and found that 2 cylinders were down on compression so I wanted to fix the problem before selling it. Here is what was done at this time..

    New cylinder, piston/rings were installed $150
    New oil pump was installed. $75

    Only needs 1 piston/ring set

    This is a great deal at this price.. (Pro785 parts in trade will be excepted)
    Call me with any questions

    585-261-3360 Jeff

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    How about a Pro 785 hull with UMI steering and quick start button in trade/partial trade? No cracks in the rear either....

    Let me know...

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