I am willing to trade for PWC stuff. Looking for go fast parts for my RXP-X. Maybe even a seat or seat cover, but would be interested to hear ideas.

Here's what I got for sale:

Goodman Custom 4-string bass
Handmade by local luthier
Korina body
Birdseye Maple neck/fretboard
EMG J pickups
$500 shipped

Seymour Duncan HotRails Bridge pickup
white/used/no cover
$40 shipped

VHT FatBottom 2x12 cab
"This 2 x 12" cabinet features front-mounted Pittbull P50E speakers for wide dispersion with the maximum in tight low end, smooth midrange, and crisp highs. The warm distortion character of the P50E blends classic British crunch with full-bodied American punch. Excellent choice for Pittbull Ultra-Lead, CL, and Fifty/ST heads, as well as stereo power amp rigs (all sold separately). 8 ohms. Casters included."
The cab has a mono/stereo switch, so you can use it in the following ways:

Mono - 8ohm - 2x12
Mono - 16ohm - 1x12 (great for quieter gigs)
Stereo - 16ohm - 1x12 + 1x12
$450 shipped

Ampeg Portabass250 2x10 combo
2x10 + horn
Built in wheels & telescoping handle
Most portable bass amp I've ever used
$400 shipped

Ashdown 410T MAG Deep
4x10 bass cab
$200 prefer pick up but shipping can be discussed for additional price

Event Project Studio 6 powered monitors
$150/pair shipped

Pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/jhinds7/ForSale#
Paypal, USPS or Cashiers check
All shipments include ground shipping and insured for purchase price. Will ship via FedEx/UPS, your choice. Other shipping options available for a fee

I know I will trade for one or more of the following:

  • B-Kit or Rude 1 Supercharger with an updated 08 shaft and Riva washers
  • Stock X Charger with the Riva X-Charger Impeller and Housing upgrade installed and Riva washers
  • Stock X-charger (low hours or rebuild with 08 shaft and Riva washers)
  • Set of three 50lb. injectors
  • R&D Version 1 grate for RXP-X
  • Les Cooke Stock Class ECU reflashed for an RXP-X
  • Riva Racing ECU for RXP-X
  • Rotax Racing Stock Class ECU
  • A brand new iPhone (3Gs - 8/16/32GB)
If you have some of that stuff and want to do some swapping, I'm all in