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    anyone have a scratched up rxp hood good for painting?

    Im looking for something that is scratched up so that I can do some paintwork. It cant be cracked but otherwise beat up is ok. The cheaper the better. I dont need the hoses, mirrors, or top lid- only the top plastic and lower plastic.

    talk to me.

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    isn't the RX hood the same or similar enough to use? If so I have one I could sell very reasonably.

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    its different.. all the trim has to change
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    I have the outer shell of an RXX hood that needs a bottom you can have for Free plus shipping.
    It has a plate made for the separate gauges.

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    ok.. can you send me a pic of it?

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    If im not mistaken, dont all of the trim pieces need to be changed for an rxx hood?

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    Hey twelvesorbetter.
    How far have you gotten on the gpr project? Are you keeping the rxp you have and doing anything to it? Have you run the et140 yet? Being nosey-been following some of your threads gathering info for my build, still searching for the best deal on a good charger. Good luck on the build!

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    The ET140 ran 80mph on the rxp (79.7 to be exact). Im taking that charger off the rxp and putting it on the conversion. Going to shoot for 88 or better.. maybe 90. who knows..

    Im then going to put an x charger in the rxp and run x charger, 42# injectors, and an rrfpr. This will keep the rxp reasonably fast (75/76ish) and keep it reliable with decent fuel economy.

    I gave up on trying to go faster with the rxp. compared to a conversion, trying to go faster in the rxp is just a waste of time and money. The hull limits you and eventually you get to the point where it doesnt matter how much boost you throw at it- you wont go much/any faster. I was spending hundreds of dollars at a time only to pick up .5 mph here or there.

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