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    93 sl 750 carb. problem

    I just ran my 93 sl 750 for the first time in the water today. It started fine on the trailer but when I put it in the water I had to pull the choke out half way. With the choke out in the sweet spot it ran great but the choke had to be half way out. I put the ski back on the trailer and started the eng. out of the water and it ran great with the choke all the way in. Any ideas ? Thanks

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    Your ski is running lean, be careful or you will be replacing a piston very soon!

    By pulling the choke, you are making the mixture richer, so without the choke it is running too lean and not properly.

    You will have to go through the fuel system if you haven't already. Do a search on the forum and you will find all the information needed. To summarize, you will need to do the following:

    Clean carbs
    Clean / replace fuel selector
    Upgrade to triple fuel pump
    Ditch auto cock valve
    Replace fuel lines
    Check in tank picks-ups

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    I just looked over the fuel delivery sys. Everything looks ok, I've installed the triple outlet fuel pump and cleaned the carbs. I also looked at the fuel pickup tubes. Lines look ok, blew through lines and didn't seem to be restricted. the only thing I found was the fuel filter had been installed backwards. Could this cause the problem? Thanks

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    Have you replaced the fuel and oil lines recently?

    If yes, was there a small brass restrictor plug hidden inside the return fuel line, near the last carb? That restrictor, if it was present, needs to be installed in the replacement fuel line.

    As you can see from this current thread, it is not entirely clear whether the 1993 models had that restrictor. In some cases, it may be helpful to add one.

    If the fuel lines are original, they should be changed, including any lines inside the fuel tank.

    Don't forget to clean/rebuild the fuel selector valve.

    The fuel system from tank to pump is under mild suction, not pressure. It can be hard to be sure there are no air leaks into the fuel system, from inside the tank all the way to the fuel pump.

    Air leaks will create bubbles in the fuel stream at high throttle levels, which reduces the amount of fuel available to the carbs.

    If you have a water/fuel separator, make sure it is clean, and not leaking air.

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