Subject: Good Friends Riding

Some people work out or train on their own and others prefer to have company. If you ride a PWC it’s probably a good idea to not ride solo but some people still do. There’s this one 70 year old PWC riding guy, I’ll call him Mike, who follows all of the Trawlercat Chronicles. Mike not only duplicates some of my rides but then emails me about what he liked or didn’t like about the ride. Since I tend to insert waypoints and other interesting ride information; it’s usually not hard to follow.

No Mike hasn’t yet attempted my 1,000 mile Wet Dog ride in Alaska or the 150 mile Miami to Key West ride but, he did do the over 200 mile Lake Powell ride. He’s also visited Ventura and gone solo from LA to San Diego. And the interesting part about all this is that at age 70 Mike still does these rides solo. He keeps telling me he’s going to join me on some ride one day but he doesn’t like to go fast. Mike says he’s a slow and steady sort of guy and maybe that’s why it works for him.

There’s this not so ordinary sailboat race that reminds me of Mike – it starts in San Francisco and goes to Kauai (Hawaii). Just a mere 2400 mile journey and all done solo! It’s called the singlehanded Transpac. No corporate sponsors or extremely expensive boats. The current record on this singlehanded transpac on a monohull (regular sailboat) is just shy of 11 days and on a multi-hull (catamaran type) is just over 7 days and they’ve been doing this since 1978. And do you know how fast these sailboats travel? It all goes to show you that if you’re true and steady; you to can get most anywhere in life.

Me on the other hand – I enjoy the company of riding with others. Sometimes the more the better but then I like them to at least try to keep up. I’m not talking about the safety or security aspect of riding with someone I’m talking about something else; that special something in human nature. Just having a riding partner to call you motivates you to get out on the water and let the ski provide the great workout.

A riding buddy if they are a better rider than you will certainly push you further, challenge you and best of all boosts your confidence to use your PWC. It’s not all one sided – you are likely doing the same for them. So reach out to a riding buddy and get a routine going if you’re not already doing so. If you don’t and you are like Mike and enjoy riding solo then more power to you.
Remember that you can turn your riding buddy down once but don’t let it happen again. And if you say you’re gonna show – you better show unless for some strange reason you woke up this morning and found out that the ocean really did freeze over.

Today on the 35 or so mile ride from Los Angeles harbor over to Marina Del Rey, California the meeting time was 0730 a.m. It’s now 2:00 p.m. I’m five minutes from the launch ramp, the ski, equipment and I are all clean and my body feels like it got the well deserved workout that it needed.

If riding is starting to get old or too expensive for you then let me point out a few other folks who were out there today. Kayakers were in full force from LA to Marina Del Rey. These people were paddling, fishing, sight seeing and or racing. Paddle boarders similar to surfers with a pole were also out there as well as a guy we always see rowing a lifeguard rescue boat. He does this for exercise every Sunday. Scullers – usually only out when the water is extremely calm. Boaters, sailors or fisherman all were out in force but not everyone was getting the same level of exercise. Scuba divers and spear fisherman also saw them around the Donald Trump golf course and new Tarreana Five Star resort; site of the old Marineland. Only you can decide if you want an energy increasing sport or energy sapping sport.

The ride with the coast on your right side from LA to Marina Del Rey is one that not many get a chance to experience. I highly recommend it. After visiting a good live aboard friend on C Basin we rode over to D Basin and stopped for lunch at the “Mermaid Grill”. Only Free PWC parking in most all of Marina Del Rey. D Basin is your PWC friendly spot. D Basin is also the blue collar part of Marina Del Rey whereas C and all the other Basins are your white collar part. Lots of live aboards (LAB’s) at D Basin and a few derelect boats to boot but hey, way friendly folks and good food, but no bruskies. Try the meatloaf sandwich on pita break or black bean breakfast burrito and tell em I sent you.

Life is good. I’ve only got one body but at least I have more than one boat to ride. We may not all be riding at 70 like Mike but at least we’re using our toys. Many times the old guys can teach “us” the younger guys a thing or two. "Our generation, the baby-boomers, are all in far better shape than they ever were before. Take a look at Mike – no more mid life crisis and all due to PWC riding – actually he’s getting younger the more he rides. How about you? Looking for a riding buddy? Thanks riding buddy (John Belton) and thanks PWCOFFSHORE for getting us out there week in and week out.

See you on the water!