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    FX140Blown Cylinder Head Gasket

    I just noticed an enormous amount of oil in the hull of my 2004 FX140. I discovered that there a two rubber 'nubs' on the Cylinder Head Cover Gasket, facing the front of the craft. One was blown out and leaking a lot of oil when running. Any ideas why it blew out, and is this gasket easy to replace? It looks straight forward.


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    could be excess pressure in the crankcase. From excess blow by of piston rings or a plugged or restricted crankcase vent

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    It should be really easy to replace just take off the coil packs, valve cover and unbolt the head. You need to find out if the head bolts/studs can be reused or if you need to replace them. Most automotive head bolts are only safe to use once.

    Should take your head to the local automotive machine shop and have them put a port/polish/valve job on it and pick up an extra 25+ HP

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