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    black and white exhaust ( 951)

    what is difference between black-98 and white 97,5 exhaust to 951cc someone who has a photo?

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    i just put the white pipe on my 1998 and got about 100 rpm. the header part of the pipe is larger (notice the flat spot on your black pipe on the header?) that isn't there on the white pipe. Also the mounting holes are m10 x 1.5 instead of m8 so you need to retap the holes larger or use the smaller mounts from the 1997

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    the white pipe does have a flat spot, just smaller. most white pipes have the part number that ends in 403. the easiest way to tell..... from the inlet where pipe bolts to manifold, the second ninety degree bend (just after the flat spot or the words caution hot) has a step in or indentation on all black pipes on the white pipe the exterior does not have a ring around with a step in. Both are on fleabay right now in item 110446974223 - look at a black and you will see the difference at the ring/indentation around pipe just after second bend

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    actually the easiest way is one says caution hot (black one) and the other doesn't (white pipe) the white pipe must not get hot right ohell

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