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    Alternative way to fog engine?

    I've got the sportster le di with the 951 fuel injected engine and I'm about to put it away for winter and I had a question for you guys. I have tried fogging the engine thru the tube on the intake silencer with the engine running and it does not seem to work very well. The lube doesn't seem to get sucked into the engine. So, I was wondering if I were to remove the intake silencer and just spray fogging oil into the intake throat with the engine off, if that would be good enough to lube the intake portion of the engine and then do the normal fogging inside the cylinder thru the spark plug holes? What do you guys think?


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    I fog my GSX Limited straight into the carbs until the engine shuts down, not sure what the fogging oil will do to the sensors on the injected engine, maybe that's why it's recomended to spray into to box to limit the amount of fogging oil going into the throttle body and damaging the sensors

    Hope this helps

    David N

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