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    Broke Bolt on Intake Grate

    So when I was replacing my stock intake grate with a R&D intake grate last weekend I managed break one of the bolts holding the intake grate on. It's the middle of the 3 small bolts towards the back of the ski. My question is whether it will be OK to run without this bolt, or will this be unsafe and should I try to use a screw extractor to get the broken screw out of hole. It seems fairly strong with just 3 of the 4 bolts holding the R&D intake grate on. I can literally hang with my entire body weight on the intake grate. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Me personaly??I would get it out and replace it with a new bolt..There is so much pressure in that area the last thing you want is your intake grate coming down while your riding..

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    The middle bolt shouldn't be difficult to remove. Drill it out and re-tap if you have to. Don't risk it.

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    I think if you use a reverse drill bitt/tab extractor it would come out easy. Those bolts don't need alot of torque anyway. I had the same expirence with a bolt from the Sc it brock the head and part of the bolt was still inside, just make sure when you drill is in the middle of the bolt. Also make sure you spray some PB blaster to break the corrosion inside the insert threads. It's a good possibility Red Locttie was used from the shop or BRP. I agree with Snoman. I won't ride the ski without all the bolts in place. You don't want the grate to break and going inside your pump tunel and getting into the impeller it would not be a good ride................

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    Definitely get it removed. Unless your ski is the X, that is the only one really holding the grate in IMO. The outer ones go into the damn brass inserts so be careful when removing and installing the outer bolts. Using the reverse drill bit is a good idea. Then use an easy out. Should be a simple task.

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    had the same thing happen to me i was lucky there was just enough to get vise grips on need to heat it first befor removing bolts not much but just enough to loosen the locktite that seadoo just seems to overkill on all their bolts

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    I cant believe that this is even a question. Do you know what happens when that thing shears off? Look it up.

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