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    My turbo setup for your 2/3Rude+

    I'm looking to dial back the power a bit on my recreational ski, so I'd like to trade my turbo setup for someone's 2 or 3Rude supercharger and thru-hull pipe.

    My turbo setup would include a Garrett GT32 turbo (good for 400+ hp), a jacketed stainless up-pipe, a jacketed stainless down-pipe with spray ring, a clam-shell style bolt-on water jacket for the turbine housing, oil feed line, oil drain line, and a custom CNC'd SC block-off. I've had no problems with the turbo setup at all and ran nearly 83 mph on the stock ECU, stock rideplate, no wedge, and 3 blade prop.

    I'd like to get a 2 or 3Rude supercharger (hopefully recently shimmed) and also a thru-hull pipe to connect a water box to the outlet fitting.

    Let me know what ya got!

    Will post pics later.


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