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    Is this WAY, WAY too much oil?

    Not a Ski, Or a Polaris... But a 2-Stroke!

    The only gas I have laying around is whatever was in my ski. I have about 5 gallons of the stuff, and it runs fine in my 4 strokes. There might be oil in it already, I dont even know. Its from my skis tank thats been sitting outside for months with a plastic bag over the holes. Could have a little water in it, probably has a little oil. I premixed it to about 35:1 for break in on my new cheap chinese generator.

    The thing starts horribly after its been sitting for a day. After 20+ pulls it kinda sounds like it wants to start. ryanbgb22 had 2 of the same units and they start first pull every time. Is the buildup on the head a indication of way too much oil, and would way too much oil cause it to start like crap when cold, and fine when its warm?

    I was planning on getting a few gallons of 93 and premixing it to 50:1 to replace whats in the tank anyways... Im just looking for some additional insight into 2 stroke operation and troubleshooting. And hows the wash for a continuos duty small engine? I held it at WOT with a blow dryer connected for about 1-2 mins before killing spark and taking the head off.

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    That what you get for buying a cheap chinese anything..

    It's running rich as hell. I would check the compression 1st and see what it is. If it is over 115, then I would look at the carb for a leaking needle valve.

    My .02

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    Upon further inspection, and the color of the gas in the tank... It was running about 25:1...

    It was $50 new, and is amazingly awesome. It just was starting hard when cold. It appears to be running just dandy now on the 50:1 93 octane...

    Ill let it sit a day and hope it starts halfway through the first pull like my friends does. If it does, ill check the wash at WOT again and lean her down. Id like it to be a little rich, since it runs near WOT for hours straight in cold temps generally...

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