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Thread: Rub Rails

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    Rub Rails

    I am doing some paint work on my '97 GP1200, never loan your ski .. Can I buy the black rub rail pieces and also the red inserts ? Is this available at the dealer only (if at all) ? Any idea on cost ?

    I probably will replace it all the way around the ski if available.

    Thanks Guys.


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    Pm yamahapat. I think he had some

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    Rub Rails

    Dan, Even though you rub me the wrong way, I may have the red inserts. let me look once I get home tonight and I will let you know. I had bought these from Riva for a 97 ski I rebuilt. If I have them I will bring them to IL this weekend for you to pickup.

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    You sober up yet from Morgan City last weekend ?!


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    I was sober for Sunday morning. Sorry to hear the same could not be said for you and the amazon women you met at the bar.

    I checked and the parts I have are: GP7U25191100 (I have 2 of these) and GP7U25010000 (I have one of these). Let me know and I can bring them this weekend to IL or the following weekend to Detroit.

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