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    How much material is removed when comp. is raised?

    I have two different 787 heads that were beaten by bits of rod bearing shrapnel. The pits may be 1/2mm deep on the worst one. So how much material is removed then the heads are machined for higher compression (pump gas and race gas)?

    Trying to figure out if these are worth anything as they are.

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    that actually varies between machinist/engine builders, and the combustion chamber is reshaped as well for squish

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    I have a stock 787 head if you decide to go that route, $50 shipped.

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    Thats a very inviting price but right now I don't need a head at the moment. Just wondering if these heads are worth anything. Same as the four bad cranks that I have. Although, if I had a good, I would need a head. I have a good set of cases and a good top-end but no head or crank.

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    Shoot me a price on the cases? Maybe the top end and what ever other good parts you might have. I need the full electrical system and stuff too. Carbs, intake etc

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