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Thread: 95 slx 780

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    95 slx 780

    going pre-mix , installing oil block off kit.
    can i remove oil reserve tank ?
    do i need a internal plug where the oil pump gear was ?
    how does the crankcase stay lubricated ?

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    Yes, you can remove the oil tank. You will need to make a place for the hood spring to attach to. I use a small machine screw hanging down for it.

    You don't NEED the plug, but better block off kits include it. It only maintains internal crankcase size to stock. A rec ski will never notice any difference if it was installed or not.

    Oil is mixed with the gas. It will lube everything inside the crankcase just fine.

    Use a 40:1 ratio or 32:1 for piston ring break in.

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    Why do you want to remove the oil injection system?

    On Polaris PWC, the oil pump is actually quite reliable.

    Replace the oil hoses if they are old, make sure all the clamps are in place and holding. Install a new oil filter.

    The variable flow rate oil pump system will use about 1/2 the oil overall that pre-mixing does. At idle and low RPM, the oil flow is reduced, since the engine doesn't need much. As the throttle opens up and the RPM rises, the oil flow increases automatically.

    Much less smoke at idle and low speeds.

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