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    Proper procedure for fogging engine

    What is the proper procedure for fogging the engine on a gp1300r? I'd like details please.
    Do you just spray it in the cylinders and then put the spark plugs back in and then crank it while the plug wires are off. I've searched but didn't find anything specific on this engine. Or do you put it somewhere else too. thanks

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    6- VX MODELS: Remove the hose that goes from the air filter box to the engine at the engine side. now spray the Yamaha engine fogging oil into it for 3-5 seconds, re-connect engine hose then start engine for 10 seconds at idle only, shut off engine. At this point your done starting engine now for the winter, after you fogged it and ran it for a final 10 second at idle only.

    FX MODELS: spray fogging oil into each intake for 3 seconds with the motor off.....replace air box lid, then start motor & idle for 10-15 seconds.

    I found this for fogging but it is for other models. What are the specific instructions for a 1300r. thanks

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    3 here's another thread i found using the search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xsockguyx View Post here's another thread i found using the search.

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    fogging question fron newbie

    Sorry for my ignorance but I just purchased my first ski this year ! I got a 01 gp1200r and I need to know if there is a fogging process I need to use besides just fogging the spark plug holes !! I still have the stock flame arrestor !! THANKS

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