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    Stage 1 question

    I just have a 3" Riva power filter and Riva intake grate and get 8060-8120 RPM's. Does the wedge increase rpm's? And if not, will a 14/19r give me any gains if my rpm's are still around 8100 with a stock impeller?

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    Re: Stage 1 question

    A wedge will not give you more rpms, it should give you speed by raising the nose of the boat further out of the water for less drag. You'll want to get the extension rod to maintain hole shot.

    Not 100% on the prop, but i think you will see some gains with the 14/19 if your mods are enough.

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    Yes, it should give more just a little bit RPM's. It is made to raise the boats nose out of water in turn having less drag on the boat and allowing the motor to run up just a bit more. You will see RPM gain. I have seen it quit a bit with a Jims closed loop Ride plate. More lift equals less drag on the boat and ofcoarse a little less on the motor.


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