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    REf 2001 virage tx carb ohm reading

    I am going through the steps to analyze a no spark condition. Getting to the stator wires checking the black wire, ohm meter black probe to black wire and the red probe to an engine ground reading to be 0 to 1 as per manual.How ever I am getting a reading of 5.5 ohms. What would this indicate a burnt stator?
    Thanks Don

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    The Black stator wire should indeed measure less than 1.0 ohm between the end of the black wire and the engine block (check more than one bolt on the engine).

    Since you are measuring well over 5 ohms, that is not correct.

    Did you have the battery disconnected during this test?
    The battery should not be connected when testing ohms.

    If the electrical box end of the Black stator wire looks undamaged and is not corroded, then the stator end is suspect.

    That Black stator wire is grounded to the engine inside the stator assembly, which is located inside the flywheel.

    Has this engine ever been sitting in water?

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