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    R&D RXP Grate Is this right ?

    I recently bought a Girdled R&D Intake Grate kit for my 'o6 RXP to keep it hooked up in the rough stuff and 'tried' to install it.

    The first thing I noticed was the casting was too wide to fit in the notch of the Ride Plate. I took about 3/8" off both sides to make it fit in the RPlate notch.

    Next thing I noticed was although fully seated and bolted in place, the rear area of the casting hung down below the Ride Plate from between .094 and .165 lower than the Ride Plate surface depending on which area of the perimeter was measured. This didn't look right at all...

    According to Glenn @ R&D, (quote) " The grate is not designed to sit flush to the ride plate "
    He did offer to replace it.

    To me this just doesn't look right since over the past 15 years of owning and modding PWC's I never had an Intake Grate *not* install flush. Some required a "little" metal removal to get just right but this looks way out of line to me.

    Is this the way this particular product is supposed to mount ?

    Check out the photo link and give me your opinion.
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    There's no way that the right grate.

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    surely doesnt look right ......... on the bright side they did say they would replace it. everyone makes mistakes, maybe their mold was off or ______ whatever. i like any company who will stand behind their product and make things "right" also if it makes you feel any better that makes me not feel so bad w/ the ammount i had to grind off my r&d grate......

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