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    low rpm's full throttle please help!

    I have a 99 xl 1200 limited. has 141 hours on it. just installed d plate and chip, new impellar housing, and cleaned the carbs. i just went to take it out and found that it will get up to load bearing rpms. hits about 30 mph holding around 6500 rpms and then under load it dies off back to about 2k or 2500 rpms until throttle is released then it will allow it to rise again until hitting the same range then same issue. i don't believe it is fuel delivery because there are no other symptoms of it. not running rough or cutting out. almost seemed like a rev limiter kicking in but i wasn't sure what might be causing it for a starting place to begin. someone please if you have any advice let me know. it is greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Did it run fine before cleaning carbs? How did you clean them? Very well could be a fuel problem.

    Check your power valves, make sure they are opening and staying open.

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    had my mechanic clean them. he does a great job and ski was not ridden for about 2 years prior to service so we went through everything. i was lead to believe it is more electrical than fuel cause there are no other symptoms of fueling issues. but i will def check into the power valves.

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    When carbs sit for that long without any fuel in them, the internals can go bad. PM Osidebill
    Did you take all the old fuel out and put new in it???

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    unless your mechanic is a member of this forum, i would bet its the carbs,,, they are picky and have toasted plenty of motors, contact Oside bill or Jims performance and they will get ya going in the right direction

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    the additives in fuel like ethanol separate after less than 60 days and gum it up further

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