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Thread: 2000 yamaha gpr

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    2000 yamaha gpr

    ive got a mostly stock gpr 1200 and i want an ride plate and intake gate but what are the best ones. riva? r&d? I want to bump the compresstion but i have 200hrs on it so i will wait and do a 1390 kit

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    Any questions for the GPR you can ask in the 2 stroke section. Use the search button and you can find all your answers. Jim's Ride Plate, R&D 1200 grate. If you plan on doing a big bore 1390 get in touch w/ lowell .

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    Is the crank still original? If not you may want to get a new T/W if you start boring it and raising compression. The reason I say this, is I have been reading the cranks often go out around 200+ hours on unmodified skis. THe extra power will only speed the death.

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