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    Leave / Remove Oil Injection on 2001 SUV?

    I recently acquired a 2001 SUV with a frozen crank. I found a local that was selling a 1999 GP1200 motor, so I bought it complete and swapped it in (I'll fix the other motor later). My question is; should I trust Yamaha's design or simply switch it to premix? I've learned to trust Yamaha's engineering, but I run all of my other skis with premix. Are the 1200 motors reliable when it comes to oil injection?

    Thanks for any help. I appreciate it.


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    Jake, I have had two GPR's and a XLT. The 1 GPR had a clogged or gummed up oil line and seized up. The XLT also seized up. From that day on one of the first things I do is Block off and premix. I really never heard of a oil injector pump stop working. I have heard of clogged or broken oil injection lines. Also I would highly recommend getting carbs rebuilt I learned that the hard way. Hope this helps with your decision. Frank

    PS I would contact Osidebill with all Carb ?'s

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    Thanks so much for the honest answer. My gut tells me to go premix, so there's no worries about lubrication, but Yamaha engineers are some of the smartest out there. I think I'll do it now. I'll also talk to OsideBill about the carbs. Thanks again.


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