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    Safety equipment

    Heres a subject that none of us that I can see, talk about. What is safety equipment on a jet ski anyway? A fire extingusher is the obvious one, how about some others?

    A life vest
    flare gun
    orange saftey smoke flare
    beer-lol opps didI say that?
    A helmut?
    lanyard key and strap
    tow rope
    spark plugs
    spray horn
    starting fluid-if everything gets wet and wont start

    Does anyone really ride with a helmut? for fun or racing or competition? when would you suggest wearing a helmut? over 50 mph? 70? 90? theres got to be some point where it gets dangerous for humans bouincing off the water in a spill. I dipped waterskis at 40mph head first in! ouch. that sucked.ll
    I usually bring water, something to nibble on, flares,whistle,a spray type horn,fire ext, and phone. and some change for phone calls if needed and a couple basic tools. pliers screwdrivers , spare plugs, starting fluid, and a tow rope.

    I've seen black foam stuck on the sides of the ski. is that for preventing your knees from smacking up against the hull sides and breaking kneescaps? Does it help in turning for grabbing the ski better while turning hard? Do they sell that for that purpose or do people just fab up thier own foam where they like it?

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    There are some good threads about equipment and safety in the other brand GH forums, and there is also the GH High Performance Watercraft Safety forum

    Another good source is

    Helmet is a personal choice thing, and the factors include more than just speed.

    Big wave jumping and rough water riding are things that helmets
    are good for.

    Stunt riding would be another.

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    Cool. thx k447 ill read it!. I just read the entire thread. Everyone should read it. I like the idea of wearing a helmut so you dont bounce your face off the bars off a wave by accident.

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    There are a number of threads on the Hulk regarding helmets. I read them before I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I am now a proud owner of a brain bucket. Will be experimenting with it next season. I hit the water headfirst this spring turning at 50 mph. That hurt. Don't want to find out how much it hurts flying of at a higher speed.

    We carry lots of safety gear with us out on the water, including bottled water and food. We carry more than the minimum required. You also need to know how to use your stuff in an emergency situation, so familiarize yourself with it beforehand. Also check it during the season to ensure everything is still in working order if you leave it in your ski.

    Included in what we take is a VHF radio (we are both licensed). Cell phones, depending how far out you are, may not work.

    Also we use the buddy system. Two people, two skis. Good for towing in the dead ski. (Done it!!!) And because we ride on the Great Lakes - cold water, I'm always in full gear neck to toes. Full wetsuit, gloves, booties, and ALWAYS my PFD. I want to have a chance if I leave my ski in a hurry.

    Something people don't think about is leaving an itinerary with someone on land. If you don't come back or call by a certain time, they would be able to call the authorities to go find you.

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