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Thread: Fouled Pump oil

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    Fouled Pump oil

    01 gtx 951 carb: winterizing today and pulled the cone to change the oil and it was Gray. Obviously water fouled. I ran out and got a new o-ring cleaned everything up as much as I could and refilled with synthetic. I can't run it anymore this year.
    Am I gonna have to do a rebuild on the pump come spring or do you think I'll be ok. I really let it drain out well and sprayed a bunch of WD-40 in there to clean it out but you never get everything. Am I looking at trouble or what?

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    You will need to pull the pump off the see what you are dealing with. It should turn smooth with absolutely no catch or resistance (the slider type anti-rattle thingy can put some drag on it when you first install the cone if you do not pop it as you tighten the cone, once it runs, though, it loosens up).

    If you feel something as it spins, or if you really want to make a good inspection, pull the prop off so you can remove the shaft and get a look at it. A slight marking where the bearings run is normal. You should not feel anything (nothing should catch a fingernail, for example) and obviously you do not want to see any rust on the shaft of the bearings.

    Take a good look at the thrust bearing as it is the one under the most stress. Check the rollers very closely for any flat spots or discoloration.

    If you have a dial gauge you can check for end play and such but you can kind of tell if there is a problem if you know how a good one feels (should be silky smooth when you spin it by hand).

    Take a good look at the seal too. I have never had a seal fail, though I have had water in the pump due to a bad cone. On that boat I did what you have done and that pump is still running to this day three years later.

    I have another one that sat with salt water in the pump and you can not see any rust but it feels like crap when you spin it.

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    at the need to pressure test the pump

    you should do a vac and pressure test actually, this will help you determine if this was a badly installed cone ( I've seen way to many of these) or an actual seal leak.

    I've seen cones installed where the o-ring was nicked, no sealant too much selant, cracked around the fill fill plug at all ( really) and everything inbetween.

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