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    Pulling a pump off 01 GTX

    I guess I need to prep myself for the inevitable. Had Gray synthetic come out of the cone when I changed my oil. I have never removed a pump before and in checking the manual it looks to be a PITA at times. What are the chances that I will need a puller to get the pump off the machine? Has anyone had any luck with out a puller? Any advice or tips?

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    It is not hard at all on that machine. The pump is not glued to the pump shoe.

    You will need the following:

    10mm Wrench (box, open, or combo)
    1/4 drive Wratchet with 10mm socket (short).
    3/8 drive Wratchet with 13mm socket (short or deep) and 17mm socket (deep).
    You will also need either a long 3/8 extension or combination of short ones to get into the nuts that hold the pump onto the shoe.
    Hylomar flange sealent (I use this on the pump seal and the venturi flange. You can only get it online anymore but it is great stuff. If you choose not to use it you can use grease on the seal and Black RTV, or nothing on the venturi-it is not required, but I always seal it).

    Note: There should be a big spring (should, they fall off sometimes) hooked to the reverse bucket. It does not have to come off but it may be easier.


    Since you have done the pump oil I will not bore you with removing the venturi since you know it already. The 10mm stuff and the 13mm socket are for that, as I am sure you know.

    Take the 3/8 wratchet. extensions, and 17mm socket (deep) and remove the four nuts holding the pump to the shoe. Do not worry about trying to take the washers off as the pump will do that for you.

    Now grasp the pump on sides and work back and forth as you pull. If it has been while it may have some resistance but nothing a little muscel can not overcome. In fact, often the most effort is used to get the shaft out of the prop.

    As you pull it off note that there are three O-rings above the pump, two on the bailer tubes (which you will notice are loose once the pump is out) and one for the cooling water intake. These sit in a recess in the pump shoe but a lot of times they like to stick to the pump as it comes off. If you do not see this they can fall off later and be lost. Without them the bailers and cooling intake will not work right, if at all, which is an overall bad thing. The best bet is if they come off on the pump just lay them on the boarding platform (if the pump will be off for a while put them in a ziplock and keep them with the fasteners).

    The pump seal also likes to stick so you may have pull it off the pump shoe. Just keep it with the boat.

    Now the pump came off and dumped all the washers on the ride plate. You should have four flat and four lock washers.

    There, you have the pump off. I always pull the pumps to change the oil since it lets me drain them for a long time in the vertical position and it makes filling them a lot easier too.

    Give a shout when you are ready to install.

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