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    Thanks to everyone for another great year of doing something I love.........

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped in our race efforts this year. I know this is a long list of good friends but I felt as if I must give thanks to all of my friends and sponsors for one more championship year. The 2009 season has ended and Judge Motorsports and myself have walked away with the 2009 Pro Am Runabout Open National Title and also the Rider of The Year Award. So many people played a part in this years effort and I dont want to leave anyone out so thanks to all!
    Mrs. Toni for being a great and "mostly" understanding wife
    Tim Judge-Judge Motorsports for being a great friend and always trying to keep my head on straight, oh your pretty good at building skis too!
    Teammates- David Morgan and Claude Clayton and retiree Freddy Vaca
    Cliff Roy- for being a great friend and for helping me since my start
    Mike Young- for being always my favorite promoter and giving me a home in region seven
    Skat trak- thank you Michelle and Glen for all of your help and keeping us hooked up
    Hydro-turf - Thank you Dean and Mike for always taking care of us
    Jet-pilot - Thank you for your superior product and keeping me clothed for so many years
    Blake Corning- thank you for always doing your best and being fair
    Lee Manvell- thank you for all of your assistence and your great products
    AJ Handler- Thank you for all of your efforts and giving the racers an option
    Scott Frazier- Thank you for keeping this dream alive
    Vortech- Bob Endress Thank you for your support
    Autronic- Randall, Thank you for your patience and help
    Erminio Iantoska, Brian Baldwin, Brian Smith, Tiny, Jeffrey, Rob Greenwald, Ryan Hardwick, Dennis Mack, Trey Frame, Cameron Frame, Dustin Farthing, Gee, Steve Jurzac, Skip Holmes, Ronny Mac, Chris and Rachel Macclugage, Rusty Wilson, Klipper, Ricky Bobby, Snores, Rob Flores, Big Bryan, Joe Heim, Bobby Bracken, Bobby Kearns, Craig Warner, Mohammed Mohsen, Khaled Mohsen, Kenny Simms, and all of my friends and fellow racers that keep this sport going. Thank you again for the help, assistence, support and mostly being good friends. I would also like to let the Vismara family know that our thoughts and prayers are with them in this tragic time for their family...... Billy Dearman

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    Congrats on a great year Billy. It's been fun racing with you this past season and I hope to do it again next season.

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    Congratz Billy!

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    It was good meeting you Billy. Thanks for letting me check out your boat as well. It's bad ass for sure!
    We discussed this the day we met, and its now public knowledge, so here you go. From the IJSBA website, on Liquid Speed show tomorrow….

    We will be welcoming some great pilots and guests to the show this week,
    Join us as we welcome The 2009 IJSBA Rider of The Year Billy Dearman of Judge Motorsports. Billy was instrumental in the Am R/A Open class in giving Cesare the world title. Listen in as he explains what went on with the decisions and his feelings on being named Named the 2009 IJSBA Rider of The Year and his National Title this year."

    Congrats on the Rider of the year award, and in my book, you’re a class act for doing what you did!

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    Thanks alot guys, I only did what I felt was right and any of you would have done the same if placed in my situation. Ceasar earned his 2009 World Champion Title and I only feel bad that we couldn't do more.

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    Nice Job Billy! Now get the Judge back down my way! I need some work done. And He needs some fun! Peace Lee

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    I went into Saturdays competitors/teams meeting with mixed emotions on how it would go.

    There were so many variables and issues that had been raised both before & after Ceasars tragic accident that no result could cover all bases.

    Mr Dearman, you are a class act & get full respect from me and all our team.

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    Congrats Billy D, you are a class act....

    Thanks for the the props(no pun intended) as well, i always enjoy helping where and when i can!!!!

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    Great Job Billy!

    Good seeing you and Toni again this year, see you both again soon.


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    Nice work billy!!

    CLass act for sure!!


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