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    The LiQuId SPEED Show LIVE this Tuesday with...(You gotta read this one!!)

    The LiQuId SPEED Show returns this Tuesday Oct, 27 2009 at 7pmCST on with our 1st show back from the IJSBA World Finals that was held in Lake Havasu City on Oct 10-18th.

    We had Great times and we had sad times, so Join us to hear all about it as we focus on all the good things that became of the world finals and as we pay VERY SPECIAL tribute to Team Serbia Rider Cesare Vismara who was one of the top pilots in the world and VERY respected.

    We will be welcoming some great pilots and guests to the show this week,

    Join us as we welcome The 2009 IJSBA Rider of The Year Billy Dearman of Judge Motorsports. Billy was instrumental in the Am R/A Open class in giving Cesare the world title. Listen in as he explains what went on with the decisions and his feelings on being named Named the 2009 IJSBA Rider of The Year and his National Title this year.

    Pro Womens Ski WORLD CHAMPION from Macc Racing Rachel Macclugage will be joining us as well as she speaks about her 1st World Championship and how it feels and what it means to her to win such a prestigious title. Rachel is one the most LOVED women riders in our sport and although we have had her on the show before, its as if its a BRAND NEW pilot with her being on top of the world LITTERALLY!

    Terri Sacks from MONSTER ENERGY headquarters will be joining us to talk about her experience at The IJSBA World Finals and all of the Monster energy riders. I believe this was Terri's first World Finals so it will be interesting to hear what she thought. I think she had a GREAT time and she will be talking about Monsters future in Jet ski Racing and the World Finals. Terri and Monster Energy REALLY took care of the racers and fans this year and we appreciate them for everything!!!

    This will be a "Dry Eye" & "Wet Eye" Show at times as we remember The Vismara Show and MY vision of what HE stood for!!

    R5WaterXRacing will be talking about some plans for The 2010 R5WaterXRacing Tour and a SPECIAL Race that is being organized.

    So Listen in this Tuesday at 7pmCST on to hear a GREAT Show and some NEW music as we have NEW Foo Fighters, Sevendust, and shinedown lined up for you!!!

    See you Tuesday night LIVE at 7pmcst on


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