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    TMR XPL Limited Race Boat

    This is Christine Milone’s National Championship winning (Novice Limited 2009)
    Team Mean Racing, 2000 SeaDoo XPL
    It has everything imaginable, and I think it is one of the faster Limited's around.
    Extremely reliable, zero DNF’s and run in multiple classes for 3 seasons now, raced by Christine Milone, Jeremy Schandelmayer, Allen Walker, Susan Anderson, etc.. Basically the work horse of the Team Mean Stable.

    - The engine is a light weight 1020cc, and was fresh including pistons, and crank for Nashville.
    - It has a carbon seat, with solid aluminum shaft, billet Teflon pivots, and Stainless mounting bracket
    - Lightweight hardware everywhere,
    - Carbon fuel air separator
    - Novi 46mm A-booster carbs with mods.
    - Miller case cooler,
    - All the Team Mean Racing stuff on the engine including:
    - Modified Coffman pipe, adapter, and TMR exhaust manifold
    - Reprogrammed MPEM to my specs,
    - TMR intake manifold with spigots and with TMR boost bottle,
    - Delta II reeds in billet reed adapters,
    - TMR dropped domes in miller shell with maximum allowed port timing.
    - Custom Auto Drop steer nozzle,
    - Hydralic Baker nozzle dump override.
    - The entire wiring harness has been shortened and "weeded out" of unnecessary wiring, and all Deutch connectors re-pinned with mil spec gold pins instead of tin pins.
    - Scat setback pump with new shaft for Nashville, and a custom bent prop by TMR
    - modified ride plate with billet speedo block off.
    - Stainless steel header connecting waterbox to thruhull exit.
    - beach house sponsons properly backed, with billet load distribution washers
    - All the usuals, SE throttle, UMI bars (not steering), start button on right thumb.

    I also have an extensive spares package that could be negotiated. It includes a complete spare drive line, and couplers, scat setback shaft, 2 spare props, all the nozzle rings, 2 complete 148mm pump rebuild kits, wire harness, ride plate, intake grates, motor mounts, engine parts including reed assemblies, prepared lightweight pistons, spare machined domesrave assemblies, steering cable, throttle cable, steer nozzles, most other misc engine and carb parts, all the small parts, much of it is new.., none of it is garbage. Everything you would expect to carry if you traveled all over the country with a race boat.

    You must see and ride it. It can be tested any weekday after 5pm, or any Saturday on a bouy course (in South Florida)

    Boat only 5900$ OBO
    With spares.. BO

    [email protected]
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    The #226 is the current graphics livery. The #2 Graphics were from Nashville.


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    Louis I did not know you were selling this ski! I saw it at the WF's and Christine was flying on it! Had I known you would not have had to take it back to Florida with you. Guess its my fault for not stopping by and saying hi lol!

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    Make an offer...

    Sure would make a nice X-mas gift !!!

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