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    On a positive note

    Hi Folks, just thought i would post a positive story here for a change.
    I was in the market for a beater boat 26-30ft and me and a bud were pokin
    around on craigslist and came upon a 92 waverunner111 /w tailer for 250$
    that said it needed a starter(and included the new one)
    . Sounds too good to be true? Well we had a few beers in us so i said
    lets go have a look. When we got there the ski
    had been in a bad crash into a dock and was all fiber glass repaired with
    no paint. The starter problem was that the bottom bolt broke off in the
    block and the owner said i would have to pull the engine because he couldnt
    get a drill that far down in the hull to drill it out (he even included the
    new starter with it). He said it ran great untill the starter went.
    Well i was buzzed and believed him even though i couldnt even see
    the bolt he was talking about. I thought i could pull it off. I offered him
    230$ and he bit. Pulled it home and bought an angle attachement for my dremel
    and some diamond bits and for 4 weekends drilled that bugger out. I damaged
    the threads a little bit so i inserted a new stainless bolt reversed and
    put a nut w/lock washer on the end. In between drilling i did finally do a
    compression test (you should do this before buying)and it showed i think 135lbs
    both cylinders. Not bad. I replaced the fuel filter and all the dry rotted lines
    and turned it over and the dang thing started. It idled but would not rev up.
    Anyhow to try to shorten this up I did make some wrong turns after that.
    I rebuilt the carb/first time doing this, no rev. Pulled the intake to look at the reeds.
    Looked brand new. Then unfortunately bought a new carb. Still no rev. I then jumped on
    this forum which led me to the temp sensor. Replaced that and this son of a gun runs
    like a brand new ski.The only issue i have had was i went airborne on some
    chop and blew out all 4 motor mounts. This completely disengaged the rubber
    coupler and didnt even do any damage. Replaced them and am still going strong.
    I know this is just a 650 but i am 47 years old and am ok with the 45mph.
    I am amazed at the sturdiness of these old yamis. If i didnt replace the carb
    i would have been on the water for under 600$, i guess thats cool though
    I have a spare carb now. This thing starts everytime and i have about 40hrs. on it
    now. To rent here in south fla. is about 100$ an hour so i am way ahead of the
    game. Side note i still have not painted the fiberglass repair the prev owner
    did so i get pulled over by the marine patrol every time i go out but i figure
    since it is registered i will get to know the whole force eventually. I think
    they just want to see what the hell this is. Also I did find my beater boat 26ft.
    1983 Tiara w/twin 470's (they are hated by most boaters)for 2500$.
    Good compression also 142-146lbs. I am having so much fun with this ski i havent
    had time to work on the boat. This down economy does have some bennies. Ski on old
    school brothers!!!

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    Nice. Welcome to the board. Pics?

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    Now that is a nice little read,, have fun,,,

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