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    charger on jetski

    I'm new to all this and was wonder how effective is the charger on the jetski (or whatever its is called) compared to an alternator...

    I know on most cars, you just need enough charge on a bat t o start the car and the alternator takes will run the car and charges the bat..

    Is this the same on a jetski....if the bat is low, its OK as long as the jetski will get charged while the jetski is running....

    Or is this bad...if it takes longer to charge the bat then if you jetski will be hard to get started again because the bat is low...or the engine will cut out because the bat is low???


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    the fly wheel on 2 strokes does the charging for you and tend to keep the batteries fully charged.

    as long as it starts on a 2 stroke, it will charge back up[ if its low but batteries do not last forever dont forget.

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    thanks...OK, the bat is not my problem then....last summer, it would died randomly during usage. BY the time I get out in the water to help the driver, they have driained the bat by repeated trying to start it up...

    We towed it back to the house and when I tried to start it up would run happened serveal times so everybody was afraid to drive it....however, have never happened to me when I'm trying to find out whats going on....

    anybody have this issue...

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