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    Question FZ or FX for open water.

    I have had 2 FXsho's which I've done around 250 hrs on since July last year. I still have my '09 which I really love riding. I cant complain about anything except it submarines so badly. I have even been knocked out because of it. Got a helmet soon after.

    I'm told by a Yamaha rep that the motor sits much more forward than the 07 FXHO (my Ski before these). I have always agreed this be the cause.
    I have a riva grate on it which is the only mod. This has made a big difference.

    I have 2 FZ's which are around 7 days away. Recently I have been helping a Mate to get his sorted and done much testing along the way.
    He has done a few mods to the motor but from a handling prospective it has an R&D ride plate (2 shims) and R&D intake grate & pump seal & grate 13/25 Pro pitched Prop R&D Sponsons.
    The Ski is awesome on a flat river. It's fast and turns on rails.

    My goal is to ride some enduro events in open water. I get bored very on flat water and so alway ride in chop of some sort. 1-2 m is the usual for me.

    So after all that, I'm having a lot of trouble staying on the FZ in anything over 1 meter. It is really hard work as the Ski just wont sit down in the water.
    This tires me really quickly. Also I am much faster on the FX in these conditions which is a slower Ski.
    This seems like an easy answer - stick with the FX, except for the problem I have with the FX is the constant submarining. I just cant ride it in a 1-2 meter following wave. I can get up over it for a while but soon tire and come crashing down.
    Do the experts think I will be able to get the FZ to handle in bigger stuff as well as the FX, once I get more experience and more hours practice?
    Does anyone have any suggestions on stopping the FX from submarining like a mongrel?
    I have a week to make up my mind which one to sell and which one to build up as I can only keep 2 Skis.
    Any light shed on this is much appreciated.
    Thankyou in advance.

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    2 meters for a wave is pretty dam high for any boat. That is over 6 feet. I don't ride in 6 foot waves. I don't even think a Ultra could stay in the water with those types of waves.

    But I do know what your talking about with the FZ's in the open ocean. They seam to want to jump out of the water. After a year of racing the FZR in closed course and offshore. I am close to coming to the conclusion that it is not an offshore boat. The Ultra 250/260, then the Honda F-15X, then everything else for offshore. My opinion.

    I still need 1 more offshore race to really determine if the FZ can handle the offshore.

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    Thanks Carlos,
    Yes its more like 1 meter most of the time. But I'm more often than not riding on that and never on flat water.
    Your feedback is gratefully accepted. It sounds like I need to work on stopping the FX submarining and work on that as the competitive Ski and keep 1 FZ for playing
    I rode an Ultra last weekend and handled the rough water far better on it too, than on the FZ.

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    i think you would be much happier on an ultra260x all you need to do is point it in the direction you want to go and hang on next ride in the rough you can try it out i know i would never be able to convert you but it was worth a shot.

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    Thats what worries me most. I was faster on your Ultra than I was on the FZ last w/end. But I was faster on the FX than both of them

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    You have problems with the FX SHO submarining? Did I read that right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman View Post
    You have problems with the FX SHO submarining? Did I read that right?
    It's happened to me too when riding in big choppy's not hard to do with a heavy fuel load. If you're going fast enough, the ski goes through the wave & you go for a swim. When the swells are big, I usually trim up and take the swells like whoops on a MX bike.

    IMO, the rounded outside chine that allows the FZR to lean in so well is a disadvantage offshore where stability is more important for endurance. I haven't had a chance to ride an FZ & FX back to back offshore, so I'm interested to here more opinions from those who have.

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    Yes Hitman, I have had big problems with my FX's submarining. I have resorted to always carrying a 5litre jerry in the back bucket to try and lift it & I always ride on full trim. But keep in mind I never ride on flat water either.
    When I started riding the FX it just felt heavy in the front compared to my 07' fxho. Every Ski I ride seems to be less of a problem with submarining??
    I wish I could sort it out because the rest of the Skis characteristics are perfect - I love it.

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    I have a riva grate on it which is the only mod. This has made a big difference.

    Any speed difference or just handling? any other mods?

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    No speed difference. But compared to the 08' FXsho I had as well, it doesn't submarine anywhere as much. Without the grate I would have been on another Ski way before now.
    I had a passenger on the Ski a few weeks ago Apart from that being a problem the Ski sat beautifully. Maybe it is just built to carry passengers?

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