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Thread: Am I crazy?

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    Am I crazy?

    I have a 96 XP (minus engine currently) I want to build into a monster, been thinking about either building a 787 or 951 engine. Then just a though, what about a 4TEC engine? 155 or so HP sounds nice. 200+ would be better but I doubt the supercharger would ever come close to fitting. I don't even think the 4 tec would fit. Again, please don't be to rough on me, even though I am new here I am not new to skis or boating. Just the older 2 strokes have always been my thing so I am honestly clueless about the newer 4 stroke skis. Another reason its probably not a good idea is the weight and fact that from what I know the 4 stroke engines can't take the abuse of being jumped and rolled etc.

    Just a though but probably not a good one, just looking for someone to back that up before I do hours of research on the engines and such.

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    Dont think the hull is even wide enough to attempt. Get a xpl and modd it and have fun. The weight of the 4 tech would take away a lot of the caracteristics that make the xp so much fun to play on. I sold my 97 tigershark daytona 1000 a few months ago(deal i made with the wife to let me build the rxp) and I regret it. RXP is fun for sheer speed-but man-that old shark was a blast to jump and play on. It was and syill is my favorite play ski.

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    Thats what I figured, its late (tired and crazy) and the idea of the mass power with a stock (hence reliable) engine seemed nice. Oh well, 951 here we come! I love the 95 and 96 XPs that I have. Most fun skis I have owned IMO.

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    Rapid already put a 4 tec in a XPL hull.

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    soon someone is going to have to start a xp -951 group

    greenhulk/x4-951 swap. We have what like 6 now?

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    There's been mention now and then of a super top-secret 4-Tec/X4 project, but I don't know any more than that, and haven't seen mention of it for a while.
    Just for fun, I took some measurements from my P-X when I was doing the 951 X4 and I just don't see it happening. Sure you can do anything given enough time, money, and fiberglass, but there's a point of diminishing return which I think this goes far beyond...

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    I think I am going to stick with probably a 951, maybe a 787. My goal that I would like to see with this ski as far as speed is 70 MPH and I will be happy.

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    Why doesnt someone get ahold of a hydrospace motor and put one in a 96 xp hull?

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    We are all crazy

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