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    MSX 150 6600rpm limited !!!

    Hi everyone,

    I have just purchased a 5yr old MSX 150, have tried it twice and looks like its limited to 6600rpm, doing about 50mph. I have tried the wastegate and its moving if I push it hard with my finger, spring like action from the waste gate.

    Just wondering if anybody has any tips on what I should look at.


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    Sounds like you have already found some of the links and info on the forums.

    Do you have a red warning lamp or message on the display?

    Have you checked cylinder compression?

    Does it always limit to the same RPM, or does the max RPM vary?

    You may need to disconnect the water gate linkage to confirm the wastegate is not sticking.

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    Hi K447,

    Thanks for that information.
    At start up I get a red warning lamp and a check engine warning, but it goes off after 15 seconds or so.
    I have did not check cylinder compression yet, but plan to do it.
    The RPM always limits to 6600.

    Any tips on how I should check the water gate linkage to confirm the wastegate is not sticking, would be really great.


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