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    tell me what you guys think stolen or not

    look real good no hins on the ski at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonatletitridecustoms View Post

    look real good no hins on the ski at all
    Hell no!

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    isnt the VIN etched on the back of the ski? Its only a removable plate pre-06 I believe.

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    look on the right of the ski the hin tag is gone it is in the right rear of the ski

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    hmm.. youre right. on my 06, im pretty sure that it is etched on the rear of the ski and there is no actual plate

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    my buddy has same ski hes got a plate on the top right of his ski

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    There's NO reason they removed the VIN plate, (wasn't there a RXP-X stolen at HydroDrags last year?)


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