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    Keeping a ski a float in the lake 24/7?

    I might have a place to keep my ski at/in the lake now. The only thing I am worried about is what if anything should you do to leave a ski floating 24/7? It would be under a covered dock and as far as I know the ski has no leaks. It does need some gelcoat repairs on one corner (small chip, dime sized, can see fiberglass) from falling off the trailer. This will be done before hand.

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    Get a hydroport no worries after that

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    Great idea but not an option at the moment but thanks for the suggestion.

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    My suggestion is it would be fine for overnight or for a weekend, but any longer than that it needs to be pulled out of the water. The price of a hydroport is about the same as having to replace all the corroded parts your ski is going to have from leaving it in the water for an extended time.

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    X-Runner, you are getting good advice here...
    keeping your PWC on the water all year is really not a good idea in my opinion. You would be better off storing it on the trailer with a cover or in the garage.
    Hydroport is great choice:

    there are several other types of storage options you can install
    at dock level as well; for example:

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    Thanks guys, not going to happen but figured I would ask in case we worked something out.

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