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    9th annual D.C. Lites Racing/LiQuId SPEED Radio Turkey Shoot out...ITS COMING!!!

    Ok listen up peeps!!

    The 9th annual Turkey Shoot out is coming and below you will find the info you will need to know when this "Just for fun" and DASH FOR CASH Event will take place!

    We have decided to hold the 8th annual Turkey Shoot out in Dallas, TX on Lake Lewisville. As of right now the location on Lake lewisville is tentativly set for Lewisville Lake Park but could change to our tour site stop so stay tuned for any changes.

    The Turkey Shoot out will be held the weekend on November 21-22, 2009 and we will be inviting anyone who wants to come hangand play with us to stay at our house here in Dallas, you must contact us early to reserve yourself a spot at the house..we can have up to 8 people stay at our house and after that there are plenty of hotels around dallas and the planned event site. Below you will alaso find the itenerary of what we typically do during the weekend!

    Friday: Arrive at the CASA have some great food and plenty of FROSTY beverages & hang out!

    Saturday: Breakfast, off to the lake to ride buoys and hang out for a bit, then back to the casa for MORE frosty beverages and plan what to do that night! Maybe SPEEDZONE!?

    Sunday: Breakfast, then off to the lake for the Shoot out and dash for cash!

    Now if everyone wants to do the SHoot out and dash for cash on Saturday then we can do that and just play ride on sinday, it doesnt matter to us.
    The past couple of years has seen an increase in the DASH 4 CASH pot..I think this year will be no different. The Shoot out will consist of 3 motos with all motos counting towards you over all score. The Dash 4 Cash will be a ONE (1) run across Lake lewisville!

    These are the classes that will be ran

    Old Dudes Class

    The priizes for each winner will be:

    1st Place: Butterball Turkey
    2nd Place: Honeybaked Ham
    3rd Place: A PACK OF BOLOGNE

    If you are interested in attending let us know and if you need a place to stay plz call us soon as our spare bedrooms will go fast!

    This event is FREE and it IS NOT a IJSBA/APBA sanctioned event and has nothing to do with R5WaterXRacing. This is a stand alone JUST FOR FUN event.

    We hope to see everyone there and get ready to have an awesome time!!

    So far the peeps attending:
    Flyin Brian Smith
    Jennifer Jeter
    Rob Campisi
    Heath Hoekstra
    Steve Isaacs
    Zack Isaacs
    Joey Mauldin
    Doogie Lee??

    Who else is gonna make it??

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    find me cheap airfare.......

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    I workin on it!!!

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    bump..we got some really cool peeps comin this weekend including Yamapro Billy should join us!!

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